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I was under server pain and had difficulty in walking for a long time due to osteoarthritis of knees and right toe. I was advised to go for knee surgery by my ortho doctor. I was scared to undergo for surgery due to my old age and consulted Dr. Sujatha. After Ayurvedic treatment from her I didn’t have pain anymore and I am able to walk freely. I'm grateful for all her good work. Highly recommended if you are suffering from Arthritis.

Shabnam Khatau

Married for 5 years we do not have a baby. After many trips to several clinics and hospitals we approached Dr. Sujatha for consultation. After taking the herbal remedies and making the changes in the life style as advised by her I conceived within seven months and delivered a healthy baby boy. It is the most precious moment of our life. We were amazed how effective this medical system is. We mark our gratitude to her for the great joy that she gave us.

Nadika Chandriadasa

I have known Dr. Sujatha since 2002 , When I approached her first in Dubai for my digestive problems and many times thereafter for my family’s health issues. During my interactions with her I could realize the commitment she has towards her profession. I have always felt that she is practical in her approach, while giving ample time to patients in addressing their concerns and queries. The courtesy and warmth she gives to the patients is something really appreciable, which is generally missing in current day medical world.

Farida Rashdi

My child was getting frequent cold and ear pain. I was looking for a good herbalist and finally I found Dr. Sujatha. She has given herbal remedies to improve the immunity of the child and after using it for 3 months the allergic sinusitis is totally cured. Sujatha, many thanks for your great expertise and friendly service!

Bas ter Laare

I got cervical Spondylosis with radiating pain to left arm due to the long hours that I spent on my office computer. I consulted Dr. Sujatha and she got it cured with Ayurveda Varma therapy. She is talented and skillful, and has profound knowledge of what she does. Just so grateful having her here.

Divya Ravi

Less than 6 months ago I was in constant pain because of the compression in the back with radiating pain in the leg. Life was becoming unbearable as I couldn’t work and I thought that I would always be like that. Then I heard about Dr. Sujatha and took Ayurvedic treatment for back and Sciatica Nerve. I am able to get back my life again, which I am so thankful to her.

Jyothi Jayanth Wagh

For several years, I used to suffer from severe pain in my abdomen at the time of menstruous cycle every month. It was so fearful and depressing. Recently, at the suggestion of my friend, I have consulted doctor Sujatha. She gave me herbal remedies and advised dietary changes. Surprisingly, now I do not have any pain at the time monthly cycle and it is so smooth. I am glad to have found as my gynec doctor.

Gayathri Sridharan


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